About K. E. M. Fund

The Beginnings

According to tradition, Apostle Thomas came to India with the Gospel in the first century. In the sixteenth century, India came under the rule of foreign power; following which European missionaries came during the seventeenth century. Although, there were pockets of Christians and various churches in different parts of the country, “Salvation by Faith” was not preached. The priesthood of every believer was also not practiced.

During the latter part of the eighteenth century, a revival took place in the land of India. God raised some European Missionaries to bring the Gospel again to India. Many in India believed, few walked out of the boundaries of the traditional churches, and obeyed the Lord in the waters of Baptism. Those who were baptized took the bold step in faith and obedience to remember the Lord by breaking bread. Kumbanad in Central Travancore witnessed this for the first time on March 19, 1899 by a group of four, (Late Rev. P. E. Mammen, P. C. John, P. C. Chacko, Kuttiyil Mathai); who gathered together in the open, under a tree and broke the bread in simplicity. There were no church bells to sound, no ordained priests to bless; four believers remembered the Lord and they worshiped.

That was the beginning and many others followed. Precious servants of God, E. H. Noel of England, K. V. Simon of Edayaranmula and P. E. Mammen of Kumbanad fueled the initial movement in Central Travancore. God used Bro. Handley Bird of England and other men of God to prepare the ground before hand. Many believers committed themselves to spread the Good News around the land. Some of them left their ‘boats and nets’, and followed Him; some others left their secular jobs. All bowed before the command, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Some got the Macedonian call; they crossed over the mountain and reached the Himalayas.

With the revival, came challenges also. In the first century church, the challenge was ‘daily serving of food to their widows’. At the time of the revival in Kerala, the challenge was the support of newly committed Evangelists, who had stepped out in faith for the service of the Master.

Kerala Evangelistic Missionary Fund

Brothers G. L. Fountain, Dr. Churchward, K. G. Thomas and P. V. George prayerfully decided to start a Fund to support the Evangelists. They aptly named it the “Kerala Evangelistic Missionary Fund” or more commonly known as the K.E.M. Fund. The first meeting was held at Thirualla on December 28, 1943.

Bro. G. L. Fountain was the first Secretary and Treasurer. Since then, Bros. N. J. Chacko, K. K. Thomas, C. T. George, A. A. Chacko, V. K. Mathew, Paul K. Thomas and Thomas Chandy served as Secretaries for K. E. M. Fund.

Presently, the fund is managed by a self organized committee of 15 members.  Currently, P. E. Samkutty is the current Secretary. Bros. Mathai Varghese & Dr. C. S. Abraham shoulder the work as Joint Secretaries.

The K. E. M. Fund extends fellowship as the Lord enables to more than 830 Evangelists. They are scattered all over India, and some even in neighboring countries. Beyond regular fellowship gifts, as God enables, special needs are also met.

K. E. M. fund is a registered charitable organization.