The needs of a Lord’s servant are not different from that of any other believer on secular job. The list is familiar to us all; the daily living expenses, children’s education, clothing, medications and such. The rent is an added expense for many Evangelists. The travel expense for the work is unique for them. Some of the believers in their assemblies are under-privileged. That is another added burden on the Evangelists; they cannot close their eyes before these needs. For many Servants of the Lord, the only source of income is K. E. M. Fund for all their expenses.

King David made it a statute and ordinance in his kingdom as how they should divide the spoil of the battle. The basis is the Word of God. The ordinance reads, “For as his share is who goes down to the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage; they share alike.” I Samuel 30:23-25. Some of us are up front in the battle; the rest are at home. God’s statutes and ordinances will never change. We too will get the rewards if “we stayed by the baggage” to safeguard it and to provide the supplies. To make it more clearer, the reason why we are at home and on secular jobs is to provide for the work of the Lord. It is our responsibility to pray diligently for our brothers up front in the battle. We are to meet their needs.